For love of others

It all started with a collaborative project couples, that because of the so brutal crisis that has plagued our country, Spain, had lost their jobs. It is truly difficult to support their families.
A good friend had the brilliant idea of creating a solidarity. In it, a group of artisans participate and neighbors, who sell what each could, we managed to raise funds to help needy families.

Karma returned the favor many times over. People who had visited the market, has started me orders and one thing led to another.
Then I was out of work and this meant that rush of self-esteem and personal satisfaction, I set up my own company and it'm

Today I sell my jewelry and costume jewelry brand ¨ ¨ Catalina Borrallo CB, in honor of my father, in the best shops in Madrid ephemeral.

My great dream: ¨ Having my own physical store with my brand

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